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Keep your boat in the best condition possible for years to come by choosing the right lift. The right lift will help you protect your boat and dock from changing water levels and the severe weather changes Wisconsin is known for. 

JD Hellenbrand carries top-of-the-line Hewitt boat lifts as well as other high quality brands for all types of boats and personal watercrafts.

We sell new and used:

Floating lifts

Hydraulic lifts

Manual lifts

Powered lifts

Rail systems

Used boat lifts that have been inspected and serviced by our technicians

Keep your yard clear in the winter by storing your lifts with JD Hellenbrand! We will take care of the whole process of removal, transportation, and storage. Next spring, we will deliver your lift back to your home and reinstall it with your docks. The whole process is completely hassle-free for you.

When you work with JD Hellenbrand, you can relax knowing your boat lift and boat lift maintenance is in the best hands possible in the Lake Wisconsin and Madison area. We are hardworking, knowledgeable, and friendly!

How to Buy a Lift

Get expert help to buy the right type of lift.

We’ll ask you about the type and size of your boat, the layout of your docks, the conditions of the water, and the type of ground of your section of the lake.

Further customize your boatlift by adding a cover and colored canopy, and deciding if you want it to be manual, powered, or hydraulic.

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Boat Rail Systems

Endres Manufacturing’s boat rail systems offer the most protection. You can store your boat inside a boathouse or garage near the water with rail systems, without having to trailer it before and after each use. Rail systems allow you to drive onto a track in the water. Then, a trolley system lifts your boat into the boathouse.

Madison’s Most Popular Lifts:

HL1100 PWC Vertical Lift

The HL1100 PWC Vertical Lift is the best vertical lift on the market! This lift goes straight up and straight down, which makes it perfect for deep water or areas where the water level frequently changes.

This lift provides easy PWC or Boat access. It comes in different sizes which range in weight capacity from 1,100 lbs to 10,000 lbs.

Lifts and Accessories:

Hewitt Cantilever lift

The original Hewitt Cantilever lift continues to be one of our most popular lift models. These lifts are reliable, easy to maneuver, and corrosion-resistant. The Cantilever lift comes with a standard boat cradle or has a pontoon cradle option. This lift features extra reinforcement, so it is always strong and secure.

Hydraulic Cantilever lift

The Hydraulic Cantilever lift allows you to raise your boat out of the water effortlessly. This lift comes with a key-fob control that allows you to raise and lower your boat with the push of a button while offering the same strength and durability as the original Cantilever lift.

Hewitt Hi-Lift Vertical Lift

The Hewitt Hi-Lift Vertical Lift is perfect for deep water areas, or areas where the water level tends to fluctuate. This lift goes straight up and straight down to accommodate different water levels. These lifts are rock solid and have lowered horizontal frame beams so no climbing over parts of your lift to get into your boat.

Personal watercraft lift

Personal watercraft lifts allow you to keep your PWC in the water all boating season long! We offer single or double PWC lifts, so you can customize your shore-front to your needs. Our lifts range in weight capacity from 700 lbs to 1800 lbs and are a sturdy and safe solution to storing your personal watercraft.

Hewitt’s narrow pontoon lift

Hewitt’s narrow pontoon lift safely raises and lowers even the longest pontoon boats. The full-length beams on this lift raise the boat between the pontoons, not beneath them. This allows for weight to be evenly distributed and is easier on your boat.


The waveport is a slide-on lift system that can accommodate any size of personal watercraft. The waveport is maintenance-free and can be easily attached to docks or float individually. The waveport also comes in a large size which can work with boats up to 30’ long. These floating lifts allow for equal weight distribution providing great buoyancy.

Lift canopy

Protect your boat with a lift canopy. Constant exposure to sun, wind, and rain can be incredibly damaging to your boat. Hewitt’s nylon reinforced vinyl covers provide protection and add years to the life of your boat. These lift covers come in many sizes and colors, so you can customize your lift.

Hewitt AC and DC Lift Boss motor drives

Hewitt AC and DC Lift Boss motor drives provide a helping hand for manual winches. These winches make the raising and lowering process of a boat automatic which saves you time and energy. Our power winches can fit all boat lifts, and allow for easy installation and operation.
We specialize in Lift Boss Motors either Direct Drive, Wheel Assist, or Integrated Winch box/motor options.

Boat lift accessories

Hewitt offers a wide variety of boat lift accessories to help you securely store your boat. Some of the accessories included are carpeted or aluminum full-length bunks, stabilizer bars, bumpers, battery trays, and more.